60 count - accessibility

60 count apps are built using Adobe AIR technology to give a smooth and consistent gaming experience across several devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows and MAC, and online via the hardware accelerated flash player plug-in found in all major web browsers.

Adobe's minimum device requirements for running Adobe AIR on mobile / tablet devices state that at least an ARMv7 chip is required.

If your device has an ARMv7 chip or better, it's a higher end device so it's highly likely that all the other requirements to run Adobe AIR will be met also.

If your device cannot run Adobe AIR, the apps will simply not show up in your devices app store. This is the surest way to see if your mobile device supports Adobe AIR or not.

As there are so many smartphones and tablet devices of varying capabilities that are not obvious to the user, this list has been provided for your convenience to check if your device runs on an ARMv7 chip.

Please note however, this is not an extensive list and there are many more compatable Adobe AIR devices that are not mentioned here - especially newer devices.

iOS Support

The following iOS products support apps made with Adobe AIR

Android Support
ARMv7 (and above):

These mobile devices should run Adobe AIR (and many more newer devices not yet mentioned here)


These mobile devices WILL NOT run Adobe AIR


These mobile devices WILL NOT run Adobe AIR